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Feb 18, 2013 6:30pm PST
, too. it's called social or community impact investing. as diane eastabrook reports, this trend is providing a financial boost to many cash- strapped neighborhoods. >> reporter: philanthropy is a way of life for university of chicago senior thomas george, guiding his career goals and investment choices. >> if my money isn't going to be working for something that i don't actually believe in, then i'm not interested. >> reporter: last summer, george bought a $500 community investment note from calvert foundation. his money is helping finance organizations like growing home. >> so, these are good. >> reporter: growing home's an urban farm that puts the chronically unemployed to work producing fruits and vegetables in one of chicago's poorest neighborhoods. >> community investing is a growing trend both here and in europe. it allows investors to take a financial stake in their communities to improve housing, fight crime and even add jobs. >> reporter: community investing works a couple of different ways. social impact bonds raise capital to achieve a social goal like keeping ex-offe
Feb 28, 2013 12:00am PST
. i was thinking of all of the people, red foxx, sammy davis, jr., diane carol, all of the people, you are the longest running. >> also, i own the show. i do not work for the hotels like the others did. i set the price of the ticket, everything like that. so i set the prices high. tavis: how have you managed to that? that is a long time to be a headliner. >> it is a long time, but people are coming back. i am so blessed. you watch the news. i watch you. the jokes pop up. i tell people in las vegas that they should love black men. black people love air conditioning. when you go to las vegas, it is 115 degrees at midnight. people would get killed in las vegas if it were not for the black man. air-conditioning and traffic lights. tavis: how do you after all of these years, up with things? you cannot tell the same jokes for 10 years. >> i get scared, people coming back. i can go back to things that have changed. let's just go back to jamaica. what was in london, the olympics. the guy running so fast. usain bolt. he kept running. he would have come in third. the little black girl, gabby dou
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2